There are many things that you can do during your two-day itinerary. Indeed, traveling to an interesting as well as an attractive place can turn out to be adventurous. Apart from that, the overall feeling associated with traveling is exciting and joyous. If you are one of those individuals who love to travel, Chicago is one of the most ideal places to visit in 2020. Besides, if your stay is for two or three days, then there are many things that you can do for your 2 day chicago itinerary. One of the first things to do when you reach the place is to visit your hotel to spend your nights. Apart from that, there are many five star hotels available in Chicago for an affordable price.

2 Day Chicago Itinerary

First Day Visit

On your first day, many places are waiting for you to visit. The Willis Tower in Chicago is one of the most renowned towers to see in Chicago. The tower was once known to be one of the tallest buildings in the skyline. The tower is intricately designed, and the architecture is appealing as well as attractive. You can visit the Egg Harbor Café that offers a healthy breakfast for a reasonable price for breakfast. You can also visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, where there are many statues and masterpieces located. The history and the overall background of the park are sure to leave you impressed and thrilled.

Second Day Visit

On your second day, you can visit the Chicago Museum that offers ancient antiques for you to gaze at. The museum is situated in ParkZoo. Although the weather may seem pleasant, thunderstorms can occur at any point. Besides, winter may not be an ideal season to visit Chicago. It may be necessary for you to pack a proper set of clothes before you stay. However, summer and autumn remain the most favorable seasons for you to visit this place. Indeed, you are sure to enjoy your stay in Chicago if you have planned prior. It is a recommendation that you check out Michigan Avenue that has so many interesting things to offer. You can also visit the souvenir shops to take your favorite items back home for memory.

Sum up

Lakeview is said to one of the best areas to stay. There are many hotels situated here for you to enjoy your staycation. Old Town and Wicker Park also turn out to be beautiful and attractive places to stay. Therefore, you must start planning for your 2 day chicago itinerary today. It is a guarantee that you will find every moment blissful.