Cosplay is all about imitating a character in a video game, manga, anime, or other visual media. One of the most effective ways to emulate a person is to wear a cosplay costume when having a favorite character. To achieve a great look, there are some tips to keep in mind.

Be original

You will indeed be imitating a character already in sight, but there is always something else you can do to enhance your appearance. When preparing to attend a cosplay event, chances are you will come across people dressed like you. To avoid looking like a copycat, choose a less popular character. For example, look for stats in your favorite video game.

If you love one of your main characters, make your costume stand out. You can also buy mass-produced suits but make a few extras. For example, cut out pockets and sew your own. If the character has armor, you need to get rid of the popular one and make your own.

Pay attention to the details.

Details go a long way and should be considered in your cosplay costume. You should consider earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and any other elements to complete the look. Being strict with the details makes you take a great interest in the character and stand out from the cloud when attending an event.

Be careful when buying a suit.

When imitating a popular character, give the costume a touch of personality. If you can’t make a suit, you need to know how to buy it. Instead of buying a suit in one set, you need to buy parts from different stores. Doing this increases the chances of getting different colors and patterns that give you a unique look.

Buy a comfortable suit.

Your comfort should be on your agenda, as there is no way to have fun if you are uncomfortable. Generally, make sure the suit is not too tight or too baggy for your comfort.

Availability of costumes

It is not necessary to sew a suit. There are many shops in the market where you can buy some of these suits. But if you don’t already have one, go online for help. There is Attack on Titan Merch shops on the internet that sell elegant suits, and these stores also offer free shipping for your suits.


There are many cosplay costumes on the market for you to choose from. You need to do your research and find the right store to buy. Always work on a custom suit to create a unique look.