There is a huge diversity of vape kits out there. Though, we understand that the complete choice on offer could intimidate new vapers. vape starter kit are all about keeping things simple in order that you can be up plus vaping with a kit after just a few steps otherwise even straight out of the box.

Starter kits are the ideal marriage of convenience plus performance, with few controls to fiddle with or even none for example auto draw kits like the FreeMax Maxpod otherwise JUUL Starter kit. You can find starter kits in a range of different forms for example pod kits, pen-style kits, or crossover kits.

What E-Liquids should you use Starter Kits with?

Most starter kits are meant to be used with e liquids that contain a higher absorption of PG (propylene glycol) to VG (vegetable glycerin) or an equivalent balance of both such as that found in 50/50 e liquids. High-PG liquids are frequently recognized as classic otherwise starter e liquids as they mimic the throat hit well-known to cigarette smokers however do not produce as much vapor as high-VG e liquids.

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High-PG and 50/50 e liquids do not need as much power from the battery to create vapor which is why they are ideal for use in low-powered devices that make up the majority of starter kits.

Nicotine Salts are another trendy e-liquid that is great to use with pod kits. Nic Salts contain more nicotine than usual freebase nicotine e liquids, from 10mg to 20mg, however, their low-PH formulation offers a much smoother throat hit than a similar concentration of freebase e liquids as well as a faster absorption of nicotine. This makes them perfect for newer vapers who might require a similar dose of fast-acting nicotine as they are used to from conventional tobacco.

Which Starter Kit should you use?

When selecting a vape starter kit, you should choose a form-factor that finest suits you. Do you want a small device that could slip effortlessly in-and-out of a pocket for a discreet vape? Consider the Lost Vape Prana pod kit otherwise the super-slim Innokin Gala. Perhaps you would prefer the smooth ergonomics of a pen-style vape for example the Joyetech eGo or the SMOK Stick. Pod kits make perfect starter kits thanks to their plainness and versatility thus you might like to go with something similar to SMOK Nord or Uwell Caliburn.