Road accidents are quite common and there are millions of people that get injured or die in road accidents every year. During accidents, the car or the vehicle gets damaged too. Here are some immediate steps that you should take when there is an accident of your used cars in montclair. These will help you take note of the damage and help you to process your insurance claims too.

What to do in case of accidents:

Glove box should contain an emergency kit: your emergency kit should contain the first aid, camera, flashlight; emergency contact list, pen and paper, details about your medical conditions, etc. if possible keep a list of emergency contacts in your cell phone so that you can immediately call people that can help you in this situation.

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Make safety your priority: if there are no serious injuries, the drivers should not be standing in the center of the road to deal with the issue. You should not obstruct traffic or increase the chances of other accidents. Park the vehicle at the side and then take proper pics and discuss the matter. If the vehicle cannot be moved then at least the parking lights should be kept on till any help comes.

Exchange information and click pictures: capture as much information about the accident scene as you can. This will help in the insurance claim process. Also take details such as an address, name, driving license, phone number, vehicle number of the other person involved in the accident. You can also take details about the location where the accident happened.

File a claim immediately: check the details about what your insurance coverage includes and file a claim as early as possible. This will help in the easy dispatch of the claim. Read all the terms associated with the insurance cover.

Do not make payments yourself: if you are looking for a claims settlement then you should not move on to make any payments related to the damage to the vehicle on your own. Let the settlement amount from another party or insurance company come and then you should proceed with the repairs and payments.