Growing weed is not legal everywhere. Even if it is legal in some countries, such as Canada, there is a limit on the number of plants one can grow. Cannabis plantation is allowed for medical purposes up to four plants according to the rules and regulations of Canada. However, some patients might need more than four cannabis plants to do away with their medical purpose. But there are ways to get a grow license in canada that permits the growers to plant the required number of cannabis plants. The growers need to undergo a tedious procedure to obtain a grow license.

The complete procedure to receive a grow license

The steps mentioned below may prove easy and convenient to do away with the entire procedure.

  • Form filling: the first and foremost step the growers need to follow is to fill a patient assessment form with complete details about their medical requirements and wait for an immediate response about the whole procedure and the ACMR license cost.
  • Consultation: After the form-filling procedure, the concerned authorities will acquaint the patients with an experienced medical practitioner to review the medical requirements of cannabis. The medical practitioner shall go through the patient’s details and provide them with an appropriate prescription of the required cannabis plants.
  • Application: on receiving the medical prescription after the consultation process, one needs to fill an ACMR application form to get a grow license in Canada. They need to mail the application to Health Canada to proceed with further steps.
  • Receive the license: after reviewing the application and the medical prescription, Health Canada shall mail the grow license to the applicant, and one can start growing cannabis plants of their choice.

In this way, one can grow cannabis for medical purposes without any discrepancies.