Intense Pulsed Light, this hair removal equipment at home delivers very delicate light pulses to the hair root. Ipl hair removal causes the hair to enter a resting phase, in which the hair you already have falls out and your body generates less hair in that location over time.

What is ipl?

In IPL cosmetics and physicians are engaged in a variety of skin treatments for the aesthetic and therapeutic goals of hair removal, photo rejuvenation, such as skin pigmentation, sun damage and thread vein therapy, and dermatological conditions such as acne.


The working of ipl hair removal

  • The light is passing through the skin and absorbed into the melanin of the hair shaft.
  • Light absorption heats the hair shaft and follicle.
  • When the cells are heated to a critical degree, the hair formation cycle can be broken if the right quantity of light energy is used.
  • The effect can be lasting or transient, depending on a variety of conditions.


Attachments that are available in the ipl hair removal:

  • Body attachment: Large areas like the legs, arms, and stomach can be successfully treated thanks to a generously curved design that follows the natural contours of your body. The larger 4.1 cm2 window allows you to treat these areas more quickly, allowing you to get back to your day.
  •  Bikini area attachment: The use of a transparent filter and a more delicately curved shape allows for the successful treatment of hard-to-reach places. For a closer focus range, use a 3 cm2 window of the ipl hair removal.
  •  Underarm attachment: When you use this specifically bent attachment, no hair is left behind. Again, the 3 cm2 window size aids in the proper treatment of thicker and stronger hair.
  •  Face attachment: Flat design with a smaller nib and an additional built-in filter. The chin, upper lip, and sideburns can all be treated safely and precisely using a 2 cm2 window.


  • Obtain smoother skin using ipl hair removal, and the benefits may stay longer than with other hair removal treatments like shaving, depilatory lotions, or tweezing.
  • Over time, epilation may result in reduced body hair. Hair grows back softer and finer with this approach. Hair may regrow at a slower rate. There will be less hair in various places of the body the longer it is epilated.

In conclusion, ipl hair removal can achieve the same level of effects as laser treatments if the treatment plan is followed thus saving enough money and time.