Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks consumed, usually by the younger generation globally. There are many benefits of consuming beer. You can relax after a tiring and exhausting day by consuming beer. Further, beer also helps in fighting cancer, according to some research studies. The presence of an antioxidant Xanthohumol in beer helps in the inhibition of cancer-causing cells. There are two basic types of beers which are ales and lagers. They differ due to the yeast used to ferment them. You will come to know more about these general types and craft beer delivery singapore further below.

Types Of Beers

The two general categories of beers fall under

  • Ales beer- This type of beer is brewed using Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is a type of yeast that settles at the top of the container after fermentation. The fermentation usually happens between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The flavours of this type of beer are more complex than largers beer.
  • Largers beer- This beer is made using Saccharomyces pastorianus yeast that ferments at the bottom of the container. This yeast can ferment between 35 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a cleaner taste in comparison to ales beer.

What Is Craft Beer?

Craft beer refers to the variety of beers that are made by twisting flavours of traditional ingredients in a beer. In simple terms, craft beer is individually batches of beer that are brewed. As the name suggests, this beer is made by mixing different styles and flavours of basic ingredients like barley in the beer. This develops the craft of making a beer using innovative methods.

Initially, there were many breweries in America. Yet, after prohibition was there in the beer market in the 1920s, the number of independent breweries became around forty. Thus, when scarcity hit America, the demand for craft beer increased there. Due to these beers’ variety, they became popular amongst an American population of beer lovers. The development of small and independent beer businesses also flourished because of craft beer. The majority of the population favoured its popularity gradually. People started supporting small businesses rather than large beer industries. Due to these reasons, craft beer gained immense popularity in countries like America, Singapore, etc.


Thus, you can experiment with various styles of beer by purchasing craft beer delivery singapore. You will get to relish your drink and get a break from similar types of beer. Overall, if you can’t consume packaged water when you go outside, then beer is a safer bet.