When clients come into contact with Houston City’s family court system, it is often one of the most difficult and stressful times of their lives. They can work with their second parents to develop the best care and parenting plan for their children. Perhaps they are trying their best to keep children from bad influence. On the other hand, they can only fight for parenting time when the other parent does not give them reasonable access to their children. Even if there are no children involved, divorcing couples must share assets fairly, which can be a complex and emotional issue.

Helping clients with family law

Family law lawyer Houston TX knows how dire these challenges can be. This is why they are here to guide clients to the best possible outcome for their case. They know how to take advantage of the legal system in order to use it for the benefit of the client. They can also help clients understand how the law applies to them so that they can make the best decisions.

Separation of assets

In some cases, adultery can lead to divorce. This could change the likely division of assets in a case. When adultery is a problem, family law lawyer Houston TX help clients gather evidence so they can show the court what’s going on. They also help clients understand how adultery is making a difference when it comes to deciding whether to divide assets or even custody of a child.

Family Law Houston Tx

Houston alimony

In many cases, alimony is the key issue. Although Houston uses the alimony formula, alimony is often far from open and closed. The parent may need to substantiate their opinion in order to prove the true income of the other parent. This may be relevant in cases of self-employment or in cases where the parent is working for money from under the table to avoid a child support obligation.

In other cases, the parent may need to go to court for a decision different from what is required by the support formula. This may be the case when the child has special needs or other care costs. This can also happen when the parents live far away and the parties need to transport the children during parenting times. Family law lawyer Houston TX help clients substantiate their case and argument so that they can present the most compelling case in court.

Orientation on the way

Going to family law lawyer Houston TX is always difficult. When clients work with family law lawyer Houston TX, they help the client make the best decisions at every stage of the case. They teach clients to understand why each stage of the case is the best option for their future. This gives clients the confidence that they can navigate the complex legal system of Houston and work towards the best possible outcome under the law.