The extension of our personality is our house. Everyone wish to have a home which is beautiful and elegant with convenience. It is amazing to have a house which is the pride of a owner and envy of neighbours. So, our house one or the other time requires renovations and touch up. Going for the decoration change and refurbishing is somewhat an expensive thing. You need to hire an interior designer for building you 4 room bto renovation ideas or design your every corner interior. This is somewhat expensive matter to renovate your house hiring an interior designer. Instead of hiring an interior designer, you can change some things yourself in an easy and cheap way. The touch ups in a little way can bring a great change in your home environment and decoration. Let’s look at some ideas of renovation for making your house beautiful in practical, simple, and economical manner.

What are the various ideas for renovation of your house? 

Using the area under the stairs:

Make sure to use the space present under the stairs. Don’t forget about your home staircase. You can add few shelves to keep your music collection or books. You can also make a little room under the staircase.

Don’t forget about exterior:

For renovation of your house, outside areas are also important same as the inside areas. When you are renovating try to add the things outside to make your house pleasant and welcoming. Few of the things you can add outside are adding a garden, adding great colours to your home entrance, window boxes, and add your window space with some colours.

Resale renovation

Upgrade the kitchen:

A kitchen space offers you space for more renovation. One path of renovating it is making it like a mini bar with additional seating choices, racks, and drinking glasses etc. Add a space of storage for putting the alcohol.

Make a focal paint with lighting:

When you add fixtures of lighting like spot lights or low hanging pendant lights, then you make room focal paint which is interesting. If you are going to add light make sure to use the material which you utilize in your house. It is recommended to utilize substances such as granite, marble, or glass.

Experiment with shapes:

You don’t have to stick to the furniture in rectangular shape that are traditional. It is suggested to personalize your renovation of your house depending on your space availability and style. Try to add a couch which is in rectangular shape or use countertops that are curved. It is crucial to make the modification by not reducing the space which enables easier traffic for your entire house.

Thus, these are some of the ideas to use for renovation of your house.