Accounts that are pre-loaded with the skins are widely available and seem like a good way for saving cash. But they are also violating the terms of service of games. Fortnite skins will be able to drain your wallet and your patience. Many scammers are latching and trying to flog the job and a lot of them are doing this on Christmas. If you are handing your hard-earned cash to this nefarious type, then you will run into the risk of losing your hard-earned money. Even if they are delivering as they have promised then also it is a possibility that your child could get banned from the game for life in the future.

Most of the people are advertising the skins and most of them are doing this through eBay and various other online marketplaces. They are loading all in one account which has been used and which is specially created for this purpose. The terms of service of rare Fortnite accounts for sale in which the player is signing up are forbidden to be explicated to sale and transfer the accounts. The banhammers are always waiting for the shenanigans who are daring to attempt this. This happens also when Epic is promising in the new system for allowing the players to merge their accounts for doing the cross-play. This will remove the need for having multiple accounts for playing on PS4 and other platforms.

Right now, there is no other way of purchasing the game contents besides Epic owned shop.

The red knight is a very popular target for the scammers but because of its long absence from the Epic stores. There is also no legal way of getting the previous seasons’ rewards. So if obstreperous is trying to persuade you for buying their account with all of these things on Christmas then never get tempted.

Terms of service are very clear and say that you will be able to access Fortnite only through your account. Users are not allowed to give or transfer the account and the access key to others and it is prohibited.